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Feb 23, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I was in college with Derek from '89-'93. He was a really cool guy what with his long hair, hats and waistcoats. He told a funny story one time about being at a concert or music festival and some guy coming up behind him and putting his arms around him and saying, "Ah, there ya are Brigid". At which point Derek turned around and the guy stared at him open mouthed and said, "Oh, you're not Brigid". I have very fond memories of get togethers at assorted student flats and houses. And hanging out in the film room at college. And having fun filming our student films at various locations (both indoors and outdoors) around Dublin and Wicklow. Halcyon days. Derek was unfailingly good humoured and steered clear of any drama. He was friends with everyone. I lost touch with him after we left college and then got back in casual contact via Facebook. The last time I met him was on a beautiful, sunny, summer morning on Abbey Street. I was on my way to work but stopped for a chat and a catch up. That's how I'll always remember him - smiling as we said our goodbyes. Sincere condolences to his wife Aoibhe, his children Cole and Cora and his wider family. Maria Nugent


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