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Feb 16, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Over the past few years my son, Daniel, has taught himself the drums. He said he would have given up only for Derek, giving him encouragement and guidance . Advising him on the best drum kits, software and equipment . He recently had great difficulty getting the latest drum software to work until Derek came over to our house and sorted it in 5 minutes flat. Such was his technical brilliance . Daniel always plays his drums on earphones and in private as he’s quite shy but last week for the first time ever he made a recording of himself and asked me to send it to Derek for his opinion. I sent it late on Sunday night Feb 6th. Derek replied Monday morning Feb 7th. “” That’s brill. Great timing, lovely hi hat work, great reserved playing when it’s needed, hitting the peaks at the right time. Excellent !! We were so chuffed with Derek’s critique and approval. It meant so much to us all, especially Daniel The night before Ðerek passed away while walking with Aoibhe he was full of praise about Daniels video. We are eternally grateful that he got to see him play. Derek was my cousin, but more like my brother as we are a close knit family. We are all devastated by his untimely passing . Derek was such a beautiful, creative, placid, extremely talented and kind person. I am so proud and honored to be part of his family. We want to dedicate that video of the drum piece that Derek enjoyed, to his memory and legacy. It’s by Linkin’ Park “ The Final Masquerade “ We love you Derek , Dearly and Always. Jean , Barry , Megan , Daniel and Grace .
Daniel’s Tribute to Ðerek 

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