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Rob Fennell
Feb 14, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Derek was incredibly mature as a teenager. This was maybe due to the many talents he carried so lightly that you could easily forget how diverse his musical abilities were, never mind the way he flipped that BMX and destroyed you at soccer! I look back in wonder at the tolerance he displayed to "people" raiding his food in our house shares in Portobello and Thomas St. I certainly cringe at some of the silly stuff that went on but Derek would never have needed to: he just laughed at our antics. Most of all I remember a guy who spent hours with me in his room above the Pub, introduced to some of my best friends and gave more to me that I could repay. I hadn't seen you for a long time but it's clear from all these messages that you continued to give even more to the people around you. Thank you Derek.
Rob Fennell

Rob Fennell

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