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Feb 14, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I knew Derek as a young student up in the big city (aka Dublin) when we were all very green. Back then he was the coolest person I knew but the soundest coolest person. We would have met each other through mutual friends up to our late twenties but then lost touch. I remember getting the chance to feed him on occasion and taking great pleasure in it. I was a rake myself back then but Derek always looked like he was in need of a good feed and he survived the contents of my soup cauldron on several occasions. I didn't share his passion for music but with Derek it didn't matter. You were his mate no matter what. I ended up walking around city centre Dublin last week and thought of him without having known he had died only a few days previously. I hoped I'd bump into him after 25 years or so and thinking how lovely that would be. He was and is a beautiful soul. I hope that his nearest and dearest will always feel him close by. Sincerely Eileen Ryan


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